The authentic banya & spa complex

Public rest area

Early hours visit - 3500 ₽/per,
Evening hours visit - 5300 ₽/per.

Russian wood fired banya
Outdoor pool with purest water
Unique spa programs
Banschiks from British Banya
In the heart of Krasnaya Polyana resort

Welcome to Hot Banya - the place, where everything is thought-out to the very smallest detail!

Cedar wood steam room, heated pool, mountain view, signature parenie treatments performed by legendary banschiks of the resort, unique spa programs, bar, parties at the pool as a common thing, reasonable prices and authentic chill atmosphere!

Banya menu

Morning hours

From 9 a.m. till 1 p.m.

3500 rub

4 hours per one person

What is included:

  • Bath accessories
  • Aroma parenie treatment every 2 hours
  • Large cedar wood steam room
  • Barrels with spring water
  • Open pool with mountain view
  • Spacious inner yard with deck chairs and swing
  • Quiet rest space
Free entry for kids under 5 y.o.
Children aged 6 to 12 get 50% discount

Evening hours

From 2 p.m. till 11 p.m.

5300 RUB

without time limit

What is included:

  • Bath accessories
  • Aroma parenie treatment every 2 hours
  • Large cedar wood steam room
  • Barrels with spring water
  • Open pool with mountain view
  • Spacious inner yard with deck chairs and swing
  • Quiet rest space

Technical breaks:

Mon, 13:00-16:00
Tue-Sun, 13:00-14:00

Menu of parenie treatments

“Happy” parenie for the youngest guests, 10-15 min
1800 rub
“Mono” parenie (performed by 1 banschik), 15 min
3800 rub
“Duo” parenie (performed by 2 banschiks), 20-25 min
6800 rub
“Lucky” parenie,
15-20 min
5800 rub
“Tummo” parenie
(only in morning hours),
40 min
10600 rub
“Rise parenie"
25 min
more details
5800 rub
Aroma parenie for the company
2600 rub

Spa programs

"Baby one in a million", 100 min
14300 RUB
"Pretty woman", 100 min
11800 RUB
"King Arthur", 100 min
10800 RUB
"Chocolate paradise", 100 min
10700 rub
"La vie est belle", 90 min
"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", 90 min
7400 RUB
"Three meters above the sky", 50 min
4400 RUB

Massage, peeling, body washing

Volcanic ash body scrubbing,
20 min
2800 rub
The original body scrubbing "Forest Power", 20 min
2800 rub
Body washing with Moroccan soap "Beldi", 20 min
2600 rub
Laminaria algae body wrapping
3800 rub
General massage, 60 min
4800 rub
Back and foot massage, 40 min
3800 rub
Foot massage, 30 min
2800 rub

Another banya accessories

Sauna sheets / towel / slippers / felt hat
440 rub
Bathrobe rent
530 rub

Get aroma parenie treatment as a gift

Every 2 hours our banschik gives parenie treatment with herbal decoctions

A tasty meal at Hot Banya cafe will become a perfect ending of your rest

We’ve created our menu together with the chef of “Yabloki Pechem” restaurant.

Now you can enjoy your beloved dishes: tender syrniki made by a secret recipe, succulent Buryat buuzes, salads, soups, main meals and desserts.

Vegetable salad
(tomato, cucumber, red onion, watermelon radish, greenery)
(tortilla, salad leaf, tomato, cucumber, balls made of grinded chickpeas, Greek yoghurt)
Home made dumplings
(beef dumplings, served with sour cream)
(minced beef in tender dough, steamed, served with sour cream and adjika)
Potato with mushrooms
(fried potato with onion and mushrooms, served with a pickle and fermented cabbage)
Kurnik with broth
(crispy lavash with chicken filet and mushrooms in cream sauce, served chicken broth)
(crispy lavash with tomatoes and sulguni, served with Greek yoghurt)
Beer set
(cheese balls, chicken wings, sujuk, country potatoes, cheese sauce, ketchup)
Syrniki with sour cream
(syrniki with sour cream)
Нot breakfast
(scramble with Bavarian sausage, pickle and toast)
Apple pie
(apple pie with vanilla ice cream)

Loyalty program and profitable subscriptions

Especially for our regular guests.

How to register

1. Add a discount card to your phone.
2. Accumulate cashback from each check and pay up to 100% of the bill on your next visit.
3. Only the owner of the card can use the card.
4. All personal data of users are protected.
5. All accumulated points from the old loyalty system are automatically transferred to the new one.

Add a discount card to your phone

5% cashback - upon registration
7% cashback - when the amount of your purchases reaches 20,000 ₽
10% cashback - when the amount of your purchases reaches 100,000 ₽
15% cashback - when the amount of your purchases reaches 200,000 ₽

Favorable subscriptions for 12 visits

3 month membership of 12 passes - 35 000 rub
With active membership the price of one-time pass is 2916 rub instead of 3500 rub
Membership is available for purchasing as a gift voucher for your friends
To order - write to us in telegram

Watch videos introducing Hot Banya

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to Hot Banya?

Our banya is located in the center of Krasnaya Polyana, at Esto-Sadok, opposite Gornaya Karusel ski lift


95в, Estonskaya st., Esto-Sadok, Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi

Working hours

Mon-Sun, 9:00-23:00

Technical breaks

Mon, 13:00-16:00
Tue-Sun, 13:00-14:00
We are always glad to see you at our banya! Still have questions? You may ask our administrators and receive a professional response
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